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Front View Jalan Dewi Sri 99Z Kuta Bali

Jalan Dewi Sri No. 99Z Kuta Bali - Indonesia, 5.17 KM from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS). 



Front Office

Welcome to SISILA MANSION BALI. You can reservation and ask many question with our friendly receptionist. 




While you waiting your order, you can get a relax at our cozy sofa and nice ambience at Lobby. 



Here you go, our lovely GRO will accompany and guide you to Living Room and other facilities. 


Team GRO

Here is it… our lovely GRO (Guest Relation Officer)


Living Room High Angel

Living Room High Angle

Have a relax with music that can healing mind, body and soul. In addition, Living room also have a delicious variety Buffet with our GRO


Living Room

Living Room


KTV Room

Luxurious KTV Room

One of the great way to reduces your daily stress and fatigue, also get a mood boosters back through with the latest update song lists  with our LC.


Mezzanine Bar

Mezzanine Bar

Part of Living Room, while you can enjoy your drinks and relax in it. 


Room Spa

Room Spa

This is what it feels like your own home. The main treatment and service, which are boost or recharge your energy and stamina with our pretty therapist by Delta Spa


Lobi 3 floor

Lobi Lounge 3 Floor

You will meet a lot of GRO here, while you enter Living Room, they will greet you nicely. 


Billiard Mezzanine

Billiard Mezzanine

One of our Fun Facilities, so you can kill your boring time with Billiard. 


Homey Mezzanine

Homey, here is it, a view from Mezzanine Floor, and connecting to Billiard 


Bar in Wet Area

Bar in Wet Area

Not only in the Living Room , at the Refresh Spot, you still can enjoy your drinks and order any kind of special beverages while you relax with our facilities. 


wet area

Wet Area


poolRefresh Spot

One of favorite spot, where you can improve your health with lovely woman in it. Which you can relax with at swimming pool/sauna/steam




Keep Your body shape and looks at our Gym facility


hot pool

Hot Pool, Cold Pool & Sauna Room

This is the best part to have a relax, with a nice sound therapy, will boost your mood and energy 



Ooops.. don’t be worry about anything you have, you can keep your stuffs at our safety locker. 


Golf Virtual

Golf Virtual Reality / Simulator

In addition to get a massage, in Games & Sport’s area, you still have other entertainment with golf simulator and you can chill out with the great lounge in it.